Africa Pentecostal Missions Consultation

“Mobilizing to Reach the Unreached”

Kampala, Uganda
May 19-22 2020

Program Information


(Please note that topics and speakers are subject to change.)



1. Missions Together: Europe-Africa Cooperation (French / English workshop)

– Moderator Dr. Mateso Mouke (DR Congo); Rev. Daniel Costanza (Belgium); Rev. Ghita Ritisan (Romania)

2. Missions Together: Asia-Africa Cooperation

– Rev. Michael Dissanayeke (Sri Lanka); Rev. Uche Ama (Nigeria)

3. Missions Together: North Africa-Sub-Saharan Africa Cooperation

– Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski (South Africa/Germany); North African Guests

4. Missions Together: Latin America-Africa Cooperation

– Rev. Isai Avendano (Colombia); Rev. Jackson Luvizotto (Brazil); Rev. Timothy Balbone (Burkina Faso)

5. Pentecostal Missionary Training: Essential Elements

– Moderator Dr. Arto Hämäläinen (Finland); Dr. Barry Saylor (USA)

6. New Ways in Missions: Reaching Youth, Secondary Students, and University Students

– Dr. Ari Joensuu (Finland)


1. Integrating Missions into Our Disciple Making

– Moderator: Rev. Jeremy Feller (Canada); Dr. Apostle Opoku Onyinah (Ghana)

2. Tentmaking and BAM as Platforms for Missions

– Juliet Kasiita (Uganda)

3. Reaching Muslims

– Moderator Rev. Walter Andhoga (Kenya); Rev. Asa Kain (Bangladesh); Rev. Niilo Närhi (Finland)

4. Reaching Chinese in Africa

– Speaker to be confirmed

5. Kairos Course: An Effective Mobilization Tool

– Rev. Päivi Tuokkola (Tanzania/ Finland)

6. Doing Missions Holistically

– Nicolas Lindgren (Sweden)


Speaker Profiles

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